If you have a question not answered below or a feature request you are very welcome to write support@nomadiccircle.com

For support requests please include the name of service provider you are using, the version of the app and the phone OS (really!, yes, please include).

If you have a bug report, it would be very good of you to inlucde:

  • Steps to reproduce,
  • What you expected to see, and
  • What you saw instead.

Q: iPhone contacts not shown after upgrading to iOS6/7
A: If your iPhone contacts are no longer shown in the Call Controll app, it is most likely caused by the new OS6/7 privacy feature preventing apps access to your contacts without your explicit consent.
You can check and change the Privacy settings in the phones Settings app under Privacy->Contacts->Call Control.

Q:Why do the app say Error 5202 “Account is Disabled”?
A: If you have tried logging in with a wrong password more than three times, the BroadWorks server will disable access to your account. Your account will remain locked until you are issued a new password by the Administrator.

Q: Keypad and Contacts are grayed out – why?
A:Most likely your account is missing the “Client Call Control” service – without that service assigned, the App can’t place calls and the tabs are therefore disabled. You should check with your service provider.

Q: The Call Log tab is grayed out – why?
A:Most likely your account is missing the “Basic Call Logs” service – without that service assigned, the App cannot retrieve your call log and the tab is therefore disabled. You should check with your service provider.

Q: BroadWorks Anywhere/DND/CFA/Remote Office missing in the Settings tab – why?
A:Most likely the missing service is not assigned to your account. You should check with your service provider.

Q: Where do I get the username/password/hostname from?
A: The purpose of the Call Control app is to provide you with access to your office phone and to be able to remote control the settings of the office phone – it is build to work with phone system hosted on a BroadSoft BroadWorks switch, and all phone numbers/extensions on a BroadSoft BroadWorks switch comes with a set of credentials (incl. the hostname) to be used with this app. If your phone is not hosted on a BroadWorks switch, you can not use the app for much – if however your phone is on a BroadWorks switch, it would be the administrator of your phone system that can provide them to you.

Q: Call Control does not work for me – can I get a refund?
A: If you got the Android version, then please contact support@nomadiccircle.com – if you got the iPhone version it’s unfortunately beyond my control, but I believe it’s not unheard of that Apple will provide a refund if you give them a good reason – e.g. your provider does not support it.
According to :
it even sounds pretty straightforward….

Q: What providers does Call Control work with?
A: All that uses BroadSoft BroadWorks that also offers OCI-P access *AND* who is willing to add the required services to your account. If you are in doubt, you should check with your service provider prior to purchasing the App.

Q: How do I add a service provider to the list in the app?
A: Send the details to kim@nomadiccircle.com.

Q: Can Call Control be re-branded/customized?
A: Yes. Contact kim@nomadiccircle.com.

Q: Are you available for custom development.
A: Yes. Contact kim@nomadiccircle.com.

Q: TDC Scale Assistent?
If you are looking for help or information on TDC Scale Assistent, please check tdcscale.nomadiccircle.com

Q: Remote Office App?
The Remote Office app has been discontinued and it is recommended to upgrade to Call Control for BroadWorks.

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