Call Control for BroadWorks


If you have a question not answered below or a feature request you are very welcome to write For support requests please include the name of service provider you are using, the version of the app and the phone OS. If you have a bug report, it would be very good of you to include enough details to allow us to reproduce the error and a video or screenshots of the scenario.

Q: Regardless what number I dial from the app, my desk phone rings - what is wrong?

A: This is by design and is good news, as it indicates that the app is working as intended. As this is a non-voip app, all calls placed using the app are executed as “call back” calls, meaning that the app will instruct BroadWorks to first call you, and when you answer, will then connect you to the party you are calling.
To have the call-back call end up on your mobile device (or any other phone, that is not your voip/deskphone), you can use either the Remote Office or the Anywhere feature (in which you can enter your mobile number).

Q: BroadWorks Anywhere/DND/CFA/Remote Office missing in the Settings tab - why?

A: Most likely the missing service is not assigned to your account. You should check with your service provider.

Q: Where do I get the username/password from?

A: The purpose of the Call Control for BroadWorks app is to provide you with access to your office phone and to be able to remote control the settings of the office phone - it is build to work with phone system hosted on a BroadSoft BroadWorks switch, and all phone numbers/extensions on a BroadSoft BroadWorks switch comes with a set of credentials (incl. the hostname) to be used with this app. If your phone is not hosted on a BroadWorks switch, you can not use the app for much - if however your phone *is* on a BroadWorks switch, it would be the administrator of your phone system that can provide them to you.

Q: I forgot my password - how do I reset it??

A: Your service provider or your local administrator of your phone system can reset the password for you.

Q: What providers does Call Control for BroadWorks work with?

A: All that uses BroadSoft BroadWorks *AND* who have configured their XSP's for public access (with proper SSL certificates and a decent rate limiting). If you are in doubt, you should check with your service provider prior to purchasing the App.

Q: How do I add a service provider to the list in the app?

A: Send the details to

Q: Call Control for BroadWorks does not work for me - can I get a refund?

A: If you got the Android version, then please contact and remember to include the Google Play order number- if you got the iPhone version it's unfortunately beyond my control, but I believe it is not unheard of that Apple will provide a refund if you give them a good reason - e.g. your provider does not support it. According to : it even sounds pretty straightforward.

Q: Can Call Control for BroadWorks be re-branded/customized?

A: Yes. Contact

Q: Are you available for custom development.

A: Yes. Contact